Mattress Disposal Bristol

A recent survey has shown a positive picture of mattress disposal in Bristol, with the area ranking among the best in the country for eco-friendly methods by the council. Residents in Bristol have several choices available for mattress disposal and are encouraged to select an approved disposal method, to ensure environmental responsibility and proper handling of mattresses.

Bristol City Council operate three Reuse and Recycling Centres (tips); St Philips, Avonmouth and Hartcliffe Way. Mattresses disposed of via tips in Bristol are currently sent to be separated into component parts for recycling. Disposing of a mattress at a tip in Bristol will be free of charge.

Another option is the bulky item collection service run by Bristol City Council. If you live in Bristol and want to dispose of a mattress direct from your home, this can be booked for a fixed fee. Mattresses disposed of in Bristol through the collection service are currently also sent for recycling.

Alternatively, there are private companies in Bristol that provide mattress disposal services and they may offer wider availability in terms of collection times.

Recycling an end-of-life mattress is the most sustainable method of disposal, but if it is in an acceptable state there are organisations in Bristol, such as The British Heart Foundation, which may process mattresses to be re-used.

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