Mattress Disposal Sheffield

Research has indicated that Sheffield ranks highly for environmentally friendly methods of mattress disposal by the council and there are a number of different options available for Sheffield residents. An approved method should always be selected to make sure regulations are met when disposing of a mattress.

Sheffield City Council run five household waste recycling centres (tips); Deepcar, Shirecliffe, High Green, Gleadless and Woodhouse. If you live in Sheffield and are able to transport a mattress for disposal yourself, you can use this service free of charge and, currently, the mattress will be sent for components to be recycled.

The bulky waste collection service is another option in Sheffield, where residents can have a mattress collected from their home address. This is done for a fixed fee and the mattress components will currently be sent for recycling.

There may also be private companies in Sheffield which offer mattress disposal services, and they may have greater flexibility in terms of their collection schedule.

Recycling an end-of-life mattress is the most sustainable method of disposal, but if it is in an adequate condition there are charities in Sheffield, such as The Sheffield Furniture Project, which may take mattresses to be re-used.

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