Mattress Disposal Leeds

Disposing of a mattress in Leeds can be done in several different ways. You must ensure you choose an approved method, to guarantee proper handling and the upholding of mattress disposal regulations.

Within the Leeds City Council area, there are eight household waste recycling centres (tips) which may accept mattresses for disposal. If you live in Leeds and can transport a mattress for disposal to Kirkstall, Meanwood, Middleton, Otley, Pudsey, Seacroft, Wetherby or Yeadon, then this may be an option for you. Taking your mattress to a tip to dispose of it in Leeds will be free of charge.

Alternatively, Leeds City Council also offer an unwanted items collection service. Mattress disposal can be booked by Leeds residents from their home address, normally for a fixed fee.

The council services mentioned above are available for private residents in Leeds and cannot be used by landlords or businesses to dispose of mattresses. Currently, mattresses disposed of via these routes in Leeds will go to landfill.

Alternatively, there are private waste management companies in Leeds that offer mattress disposal services. They often provide more flexibility in terms of scheduling and may offer mattress recycling.

Organising for an end-of-life mattress to be recycled is the greenest method of disposal, but if it is in a good condition there are some charities in Leeds, such Emmaus, which may accept mattresses for re-use.

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