Mattress Disposal London

New research has highlighted a positive picture of mattress disposal by authorities in London, with the 33 councils that make up London ranking among the best in the country for their eco-friendly credentials. Across London, mattress disposal is carried out by several different waste authorities and/or waste partnerships. The frontrunner is North London Waste Authority (NLWA), under which a specialist scheme launched in 2021 has recycled over 200,000 mattresses across its seven boroughs.

Household waste recycling centres (tips) are available in all but two of the London Borough Council areas. Hackney Borough Council and the City of London Corporation do not have tips. Taking your mattress to a tip in London to dispose of it will not incur a charge.

All councils in London also offer a bulky waste collection service. London residents can book a mattress disposal from their home, normally for a nominal fee.

The council services mentioned above are available to residents in London and cannot be used by businesses or landlords to dispose of mattresses. Currently, mattresses disposed of at a tip or through a collection service in London will either be recycled or incinerated for energy recovery.

Alternatively, there are private companies in London that offer mattress disposal services, which may provide more flexibility in terms of scheduling.

The greenest method of disposal for an end-of-life mattress is for it to be recycled, but if it is in a good condition there are charities in London, including The British Heart Foundation, which may collect mattresses for re-use.

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