Mattress Disposal Nottingham

There are several different ways in which a mattress can be disposed of in Nottingham. Residents must ensure mattress disposal regulations are upheld by selecting an approved method for mattress disposal.

There are twelve recycling centres (tips) across the Nottinghamshire area which are available for mattress disposal. Taking a mattress to a tip to dispose of it in Nottingham is free of charge, however you must register before taking the mattress for disposal.

All district and borough councils in Nottinghamshire, plus Nottingham City Council, also run a bulky waste collection service which can be used for mattress disposal. For a nominal fee, collections can be booked for the disposal of mattresses from a Nottingham residents home address.

Using the tip or a collection service for disposing of a mattress in Nottingham must only be done by private residents and are not intended for landlords or businesses to dispose of mattresses. Currently, most mattresses disposed of by councils in and around Nottingham will be sent for incineration for energy recovery.

Alternatively, there are private waste management companies in Nottingham that offer mattress disposal services. They often provide more flexibility in terms of scheduling and may offer mattress recycling.

Where possible it is always best to dispose of an end-of-life mattress by recycling, but if it is in a re-useable condition there are charities in Nottingham, such as The Furniture Project Nottinghamshire, which may take mattresses

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